Publishing in your pocket.

Royalties, streaming and sales figures, tracking airplay and TV usage: Simple and easy, the opposite of typical music-publishing. An exclusive service for our songwriters.

What to expect

Radio & TV Tracking

“Hey, you’re on the radio!”

This app is faster than those calls from your friends wanting to tell you that your song is on the radio: Buddemusic inside tracks TV (US and EU) and radio airplay (worldwide) – almost in real-time – and updates you via push-notifications.

Sales & Streams

Pop the champagne

Keep an eye on your market-value: Track your German sales and streaming figures any time you like. When you become Gold or Platinum certified , we’ll send you a push-notification. You’ll only need to grab the champagne yourself.

Royalty Analysis

Color by numbers

Crunching numbers can be challenging , but our smart graphs and charts, showing your  royalty income and development, are understandable at first glance. Even your billing and account statements are just one click away.


This is where we keep you updated on all important developments and news, plus our Facebook and Instagram posts, as well as any updates on your sales and royalty statements.


In your account you can update your personal information: Bank and tax details, address -  you name it.


We keep you in the loop about the newest developments in the publishing world and have made  a brand-new FAQ section available for you. If it can’t answer your questions, we’re only one call away.


Our direct link to you: If #teambudde has any questions for you, while you’re away on tour, you’ll find  them in your inbox - including our contact details, so you can  get in touch easily.

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What our app users say


Writing songs gives me a feeling of total freedom. Thanks to Buddemusic inside, I'm always able to stay on top of things: The app keeps me updated on everything related to my music.


I knew about German efficiency, but I have never seen anything similar in terms of having the perfect overview of my income as a songwriter. I love how I immediately get notified when one of my synched songs is being played on TV - whether it’s in the US or Europe.

Nico Santos

The app is not only extremely handy, but  also really fun to use. It gives me a real kick, when I receive a push notification in the evening that assures me that "Rooftop" and "Unforgettable" are being played on the radio.